Modern Art Gallery

The history of modern art can be traced back to the 18th and 19th century. It was a time that changed our society through new inventions in materials, transportation, and technology. With changes to our society, economics, and culture, people had the opportunity to expand their scope of the world, increasing access to new ideas, experiences, food, and art. At Taylor Daine Goulet Gallery +, we are passionate about modernism and contemporary art. We feel that local artists and art advocates share the same passion and drive to display their art to the greater community, making their original work one to inspire and change perspectives. Our collective of local artists display many original works from diverse backgrounds and technical skill including contemporary art and modern sculptures, making Taylor Daine Goulet Gallery + a truly unique and creative space for the art community at large. We hope you stop by our art center the next time you are in the Aspen area -- we look forward to seeing you.


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